Reasons You Should Use Sports Mouthguards

                                                       If you are an athlete practicing a contact sport, like American football, rugby or boxing, you probably have heard about the mouthguards. If you don’t, then let me quickly explain what a mouthguard is: a mouthguard is a protector used to protect the teeth and the jaw for athletes that are at risk of receiving any kind of impact in this area.  The Navasota Dental, Tx  that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota, is the  best  option available and  is the  best option available    for any type of  Dental  Care  dentist   Emergencies . A mouthguard must be an integral part of the athlete’s uniform, but sometimes they refuse to use them for several reasons: comfortability, bulkiness, and difficulty to breath are some reasons. Nevertheless, we list here only ten reasons for using sports mouthguards: Your teeth are an integral part of your skull. They even have nerves directly connected to them. That is why, if you receiv

What to Do During a Dental Emergency !!!

Dental emergencies include accidents involving your teeth, toothache, bleeding, infections, jaw pain, and swelling. It is essential to seek immediate dental treatment when a dental emergency occurs. This improves the chance of saving the tooth and preventing infections from occurring or becoming more serious. You will naturally feel the urge to panic during a dental emergency. When in pain, it increases the chance of you making mistakes or poor decisions. So, we have listed a brief guide to dental emergencies to ensure that you have all the information that you need to make the right decisions in a dental emergency. The Navasota Dental, Tx that is conveniently located near to 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota,  is the affordable and best dentist near you.

Whenever you feel the pain coming from the teeth, it is a sign that there is some oral health complication going on. Any form of tooth pain, either mild or extreme, contact us immediately. The most common dental emergencies that we deal with at our clinic are knocked out teeth which are sports-related injuries, but there are numerous possible reasons that it can happen If this happens, remain calm, find the tooth, pick it up by the crown, and place it in a clean container with saline water or milk. Remember not to wash it with tap water and immediately contact our clinic for an emergency appointment. Generally, if the tooth was put back within 20 minutes of the accident by the dentist, then there is a good chance that it can be successfully reattached. If a tooth was chipped, fractured or cracked, seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Delaying the treatment may mean that the tooth can’t be saved anymore, more so if the nerve was also damaged. Control pain with over-the-counter medication and use a cold compress to help control swelling. Seek prompt dental treatment. Remember, an abscess will not heal by itself, and antibiotics will not fix the problem, worse, it may progress to a life-threatening infection.

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                                 Taking Care Of Your Oral Health In Self Isolation

During self-isolation, make sure you are well prepared to care for your oral health. The pandemic is disrupting every area of our lives are currently, including physical activity. We can no longer simply go for a walk, visit the gym or play team sports, while the temptation is to sit at home and spend more time on the couch. However, physical inactivity is a major risk factor for developing a serious disease

Toothbrush Hygiene
Keep safe by making sure nobody uses each other’s toothbrushes and that they are stored well away from everybody else’s toothbrush. The damp environment of a toothbrush is ideal for spreading viruses. Use separate toothpaste as well.

Continue with Your Normal Oral Care Routine
Sticking to every day routines is important while self-isolating and particularly your dental maintenance routine. Make sure you continue to brush at least twice a day and floss once-a-day. If you 
wish, use a mouthwash for 30 seconds as this can slightly reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

Watch Your Diet
It’s a time when it’s tempting to indulge in snacks and Netflix, but try to limit your consumption of sugary or acidic foods. Instead, concentrate on eating foods that will boost your immune systems like 
vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense fruits and veggies.

Stay Active
Make sure you have some form of physical activity every day. If you can’t get outside, there are plenty of fun exercise routines online.

Drink plenty of Water
It is easy to become dehydrated and especially if you are fighting an infection. Some medications can reduce saliva flow too, so be sure to drink plenty of plain water.


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