How a kid can protect his dental health

   Protective Gear in Sports: If they're into sports, especially contact sports, wearing a mouthguard is crucial. This protects their teeth from potential impact and injury.  Avoid Chewing Hard Objects: Discourage habits like biting on pencils, pens, or hard candies. These can damage teeth or even cause them to crack or chip.   The Navasota Dental, Tx  that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota, is the  best  option available and   available    for any type of  Dental   Care near you. Regular Dental Checkups: Schedule routine visits to the dentist. Regular checkups help catch any issues early and prevent potential problems. Fluoride Use: Ensure they get enough fluoride either through toothpaste or professional fluoride treatments. Fluoride strengthens teeth and helps prevent decay. Avoid Nail Biting and Chewing on Objects: Discourage your child from biting their nails or chewing on pens and pencils, as this can damage teeth. Limit Sippy Cup Use: Avoid prolonged use




If you’re feeling down about your chipped or damaged teeth, ToothKind can repair and restore your smile in no time. At ToothKind, we understand that an unsightly or damaged tooth can have a negative impact on your self-confidence. A crown or bridge may be the solution if your teeth are cracked, damaged or badly decayed. Toothkind offers the latest digital CAD/CAM technology to create beautiful, long lasting crowns while you wait. This often means no more temporary crowns as the whole procedure can be completed in one visit. Your Toothkind dentist can discuss the best options for you.  The Navasota Dental, Tx that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota, is the best option available and  the nearest dentist office .

The benefits of crowns and bridges

Crowns are designed to increase the strength and stability of the tooth. Providing various benefits for patients, crowns can assist the function and aesthetics of your teeth and are a safe and effective repair method. Crowns may also be beneficial to restore the following dental conditions:

Excessive Grinding Of Teeth Or An Improper Bite An Excessively Large Filling Ageing Teeth After A Root Canal Treatment

A bridge allows the dentist to replace lost teeth with new artificial teeth, without the use of a dental implant or denture. Basically a false tooth is attached to the tooth next to it to hold it in place.

Dental crowns

As the name suggests, a crown is a cap or covering for a tooth. It is used when your tooth is discoloured, cracked or broken, heavily filled or if fillings have been lost. There are several types of dental crowns available so your ToothKind dentist will advise the best option depending on the location of the crown. They may recommend ceramic, resin or sometimes even gold crowns.

Our dentists use their expertise and modern technology to precisely match the new crown to the shape and colour of your existing teeth. Some of our dentists offer same day crowns using CAD/CAM technology to design, produce and insert ceramic restorations all in one single appointment.

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