Dental Bridge Procedure

                                          The process of getting a dental bridge typically involves the following steps:   The Navasota Dental, Tx  that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota, is the  best  option available and   is the best     is the best  Dental Bridge expert  near you. Initial Consultation: A skilled dentist will evaluate your oral health, discuss your goals, and determine if a dental bridge is the right solution for you.  Preparation: The adjacent teeth on either side of the gap are prepared for dental crowns. This may involve reshaping the teeth to ensure a proper fit for the crowns. Impressions: Precise impressions of your teeth and the gap are taken to create a customized dental bridge that perfectly matches your natural teeth. Temporary Bridge: While your permanent bridge is being crafted, a temporary bridge is placed to protect the prepared teeth and maintain functionality. Bridge Placement: Once your permanent dental bridge is ready, it is me

If your cavity is small fix it quickly .


 It might not be a nice thought, but did you know that the “old style” grey amalgam metal fillings contain on average 50% mercury? Mercury is a highly toxic substance that has been linked with many diseases, and for this reason,  Our Dental Clinic Absolute is a completely Mercury free practice!, The Navasota Dental, Tx that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasotais the best best affordable dentist office near me

What are the  options available for Dental amalgams replaced?

1)     Composite (white resin filling material)

2)     Dental ceramic (porcelain fillings/inlays and crowns).

Small to medium amalgams can often be replaced with a simple composite filling. Larger amalgams, or those that are under a lot of load (for example, on back molar teeth) will usually require what is known as a “ceramic inlay” or “porcelain filling”. At our clinc , we use composite resin fillings instead of amalgam (silver) or metal fillings. Composite resin fillings are made of resin that looks and feels like putty. This resin is placed in a cavity and, using a special laser or light, it is hardened or ‘cured’. This resin is an exceptionally similar colour to your teeth, so no one will even know it is there. Safer than their metal predecessors, composite resin fillings avoid placing any metallic devices into your mouth to which you may be allergic or sensitive.

Composite resin fillings are relatively strong and can even be used to repair back teeth where all the mouths ‘heavy chewing’ takes place. Bonding very well to your natural tooth structure, composite resin fillings create a seal around your tooth and therefore keep out any nasty bacteria that could lead to infection. Composite resin fillings involve a direct or immediate tooth restoration, meaning your filling can be completed in one sitting in our dentist’s chair. This saves you time and money, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your food knowing all is well with your choppers. There are limitations in the use of this material. They are not recommended for larger cavities as they do not have enough strength, durability and seal compared to porcelain inlays and onlays.

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