Reasons You Should Use Sports Mouthguards

                                                       If you are an athlete practicing a contact sport, like American football, rugby or boxing, you probably have heard about the mouthguards. If you don’t, then let me quickly explain what a mouthguard is: a mouthguard is a protector used to protect the teeth and the jaw for athletes that are at risk of receiving any kind of impact in this area.  The Navasota Dental, Tx  that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota, is the  best  option available and  is the  best option available    for any type of  Dental  Care  dentist   Emergencies . A mouthguard must be an integral part of the athlete’s uniform, but sometimes they refuse to use them for several reasons: comfortability, bulkiness, and difficulty to breath are some reasons. Nevertheless, we list here only ten reasons for using sports mouthguards: Your teeth are an integral part of your skull. They even have nerves directly connected to them. That is why, if you receiv

Different Types Of Fillings for Dental Problem


In principle, the same steps are followed when performing a filling, regardless of the filling type.  Your budget, medical condition and the size of the decayed area will determine which type of filling will work best for you. Generally, the most affordable tooth fillings are crafted from composite resin. This substance is a combination of tiny particles and acrylic resin. Composite resin fillings are very popular because they look natural, are very durable and can withstand the forces of biting and chewing. Generally, they are quite affordable when compared to gold and ceramic fillings, but may not last for as long. The Navasota Dental, Tx that is conveniently located near to 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota is  the  best dental clinic near by.

Why should I choose porcelain fillings over composite?

Today, with modern technology, we can offer the patient top-quality long-lasting fillings in a matter of one hour. The ever-increasing demand for aesthetic restorations (white fillings), together with increased longevity, has led to great advances in certain dental materials. One of the most common misconceptions we find in dentistry is that many people think all white fillings are the same. This is far from the truth. There are fundamentally two different types of white fillings – resin and porcelain.

Composite fillings or resin fillings do not have the same success rate as porcelain or gold. They cost less but need to be replaced on average every 4 to 5 years as they are unable to withstand heavy chewing pressure and fracture more easily. They also shrink as they are set – the bigger the filling, the more the shrinkage, meaning larger plastic fillings can become “leaky” and allow decay around their margins. They also tend to lose their colour and lustre over time and can look unattractive whereas a Cerec porcelain filling can last up to 15 years and longer.

Porcelain fillings are a lot harder than resin and more natural looking, blending very well with the surrounding tooth structures. Nowadays porcelain fillings are made mostly chair- side, while you wait. The advantage of chair-side manufactured porcelain fillings using “cad cam” technologies – like Cerec restorations – is that they have the same success rate as gold: 93 per cent after 15 years. The wear on porcelain fillings is similar to that on a tooth and with modern bonding techniques,  there’s no need to remove a lot of the tooth structure. On molar teeth, which sometimes require a larger filling, they are the material of choice. They are metal free and biocompatible.

In terms of the porcelain filling procedure itself, first of all we do an examination, we take x-rays, we see what needs to be done. Then we numb the patient up, we remove all the decay and the filling that needs to be replaced. We then take an infrared camera and take photos of the tooth. So we’ve got an inter-oral camera, which is a 3D camera, and we put it on the tooth and actually take pictures. And you can see the picture’s coming up on the screen, on the Cerec unit, and that basically forms the model. From that model we then actually design your new restoration with the help of a computer. And the nice thing about that is we can actually change and make the filling bigger, make it any shape we want, until we’re happy, until the patient’s happy. Then we actually put in a block of ceramic into the metal unit, and start milling the restoration out of the block so that it comes out exactly the right size. Then we just polish it, make it nice and shiny, glue it in, check the bite, and there you go.

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