How a kid can protect his dental health

   Protective Gear in Sports: If they're into sports, especially contact sports, wearing a mouthguard is crucial. This protects their teeth from potential impact and injury.  Avoid Chewing Hard Objects: Discourage habits like biting on pencils, pens, or hard candies. These can damage teeth or even cause them to crack or chip.   The Navasota Dental, Tx  that is conveniently located near 413 N Lsalle St, Navasota, is the  best  option available and   available    for any type of  Dental   Care near you. Regular Dental Checkups: Schedule routine visits to the dentist. Regular checkups help catch any issues early and prevent potential problems. Fluoride Use: Ensure they get enough fluoride either through toothpaste or professional fluoride treatments. Fluoride strengthens teeth and helps prevent decay. Avoid Nail Biting and Chewing on Objects: Discourage your child from biting their nails or chewing on pens and pencils, as this can damage teeth. Limit Sippy Cup Use: Avoid prolonged use

Tooth extraction? Don't worry we got it covered!

There's much reason why you may need to have a tooth extracted. Most commonly, people need their wisdom teeth pulled in their late teens or early twenties, but there's plenty of other reasons for which dentists may suggest an extraction. Our skilled team uses different levels of sedation based on your needs so you feel comfortable and relaxed during your extraction. Wondering what to do after tooth extraction? Get enough rest and ensure your mouth is clean, you can recover relatively quickly. Tooth extractions are performed every day in our practice and we strive to ensure that all patients have a comfortable experience.

Before your tooth can be extracted your dentist will numb the area by administering an anesthetic injection. This is to ensure that you do not feel anything during the extraction. Once the injection has been administered you will wait a few minutes for it to take effect. If you are having a wisdom tooth extraction and the tooth is impacted your dentist will need to remove any gum and bone that cover the tooth. Some teeth can be extracted in a few seconds, while others may require a bit more work from the dentists.

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